An exciting new chapter in the evolution of Vulcan has arrived, focusing on adoption, sustainability and innovation! The following changes will position us for future success.

  • Reducing total supply, creating further sustainable growth and longevity.
  • Rewarding early adopters by honoring the 191,888% APY until January 20th.
  • Pausing all rebases as of January 20th until the launch of Mainnet.
  • FixedFlex 38% APR now increased to 44% APR representing a 15.8% increase.
  • Improved tokenomics and transaction fees.
  • Ensuring centralized exchange agreements are in place on the launch of Mainnet.


We are pleased to announce changes to the tokenomics of our native coin $VUL. Our early adopters, who have been with us since the Sacrifice phase, have benefited from impressive rebasing at a rate of 191,888% APY since November 20th. This rebasing will continue until January 20th, when it will cease in preparation for the Mainnet launch.

Upon the launch of Mainnet, FixedFlex will begin with rebasing at a rate of 44% APR and continue until MAX Supply has been reached. This change has been made to ensure sustainable market growth and longevity, as well as to mitigate the potential for sell pressure at launch. We appreciate the belief and support of our community in the future of our blockchain.

Prior to our adjustments the treasury was set to receive 75M $VUL. After rebasing, on launch, this would equate to over 300M $VUL. With the initial starting supply also rebasing out to 1.2B, this would make the treasury the largest holder of $VUL, starting our firepit off at less than required.

When calculating our new tokenomics the treasury will be funded from the future success of the blockchain via the 1% treasury transaction fee. This is an incredible win for EVERY VUL holder.

New $VUL Supply Tokenomics
Max Supply: 375,000,000,000
Total Initial Supply: 330,000,000
Treasury: 33,000,000 (10%)
Sacrificed for VUL: 25,037,427
Total Burnt/Unclaimed: 271,962,573
Total Circulating: 58,037,427
Total FirePit Start: 82.4%

Treasury Allocation (10%)
60% Liquidity for CEX’s as well as the Vulcan DEX for Liquidity
15% VC’s/HF’s/OTC Deals
10% Marketing ie Giveaways, Promotions including but not limited to Manual FirePit Burns
10% Grants Fund
4% Operating Expenses
1% OOXY Labs

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees will be restructured as followed:

  • 3% Vulcan FirePit
  • 1% Treasury
  • 1% Flexible Rebase Component

The transaction fees on our blockchain will now include a 1% fee to the Vulcan Treasury. The Vulcan treasury will be used to support the financial commitment of our Vulcan Grants program. The launch of our grants program has been successful, with a steady stream of applications from individuals and projects seeking to build on our blockchain. To support this program and other community initiatives, it is necessary for the treasury to have a consistent source of funding.

FixedFlex Adjustment

The previous Fixed component was 38% APR which has now increased to 44% APR representing a 15.8% increase to award holders of $VUL. In addition to this and to encourage activity on our chain, there will still be the Flexible rebase component which offers unlimited earning potential.

Protocol Updates

We have made several positive amendments to our blockchain, including rebranding, tokenomics, and fee structures, which all require engineering updates to the blockchain protocol. These changes were necessary for the overall success of the blockchain, but they do come with the need of adjustments. Please be assured that these decisions were carefully considered.

It is with utmost importance that users and developers have adequate time to utilize a true testnet, enhancing product deployment and security of the overall network. It is important that we additionally have an active and public Faucet to facilitate active development and integrity of the network.

Centralized Exchanges

It is absolutely critical that on day one of Mainnet, Vulcan is listed on a Tier 1/2 centralized exchange. This is vital because it will allow easier trading and off boarding as well as greater adoption, increases volume and enhances market awareness in alignment with our world class advertising.

The process of listing on a centralized exchange for a native coin is complex, which requires the integration of the base protocol into the exchange platform. On average this integration process takes between 45–60 days for a native coin. In comparison, a token on the other hand is much more simple, requiring on average, less than a week.

We have been in negotiation with multiple exchanges focusing on trust, business operations, security and transparency.

New Launch Date

As the world’s first auto-rebasing layer one blockchain, we have embarked on a journey to create something truly innovative and groundbreaking. We invite the community to join us as we forge a new path in the world of Decentralized Finance. The Vulcan Blockchain will be a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential for groundbreaking technologies to shape the future. Thank you for your support as we work to make history together with a targeted launch date of March the 1st 2023.