Today, we are formally announcing an absolute final lock-in revision of our Strategic Rollout plans.

We have been forced to pivot and adapt in order to meet the new demands of Centralized Exchanges as well as to be in line with the general market forecast. We are now firmly grounded as a Lion and poised in a position of strength to leap forward with several Centralized Exchanges who have fully committed to onboarding $VUL upon Mainnet.

Confirmed Market Pairs upon Mainnet launch:

Our new release schedule will be rolled-out for ALL $VUL holders who have sacrificed exactly as follows:

12 Month Release Period
• Period 1: 2.5%
• Period 2: 2.5%
• Period 3: 2.5%
• Period 4: 2.5%
• Period 5: 5.0%
• Period 6: 5.0%
• Period 7: 5.0%
• Period 8: 10.0%
• Period 9: 10.0%
• Period 10: 15.0%
• Period 11: 15.0%
• Period 12: 25.0%

The above schedule does NOT apply to new $VUL holders buying in to the free market upon Mainnet. Only early adopters i.e., sacrifices made are subject to the schedule.

ALL Node holders fall under the same rollout and are eligible to receive rebases set out under the same release schedule above. The Vulcan Treasury is also under the same conditions.

NOTE: There will be no further revisions made or adjustments to this final release schedule.