Stage 2 — Onboarding Full Node Validators: A Guide to KYC Verification with Assure DeFi

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the internal testing phase of Assure DeFi’s KYC platform. As a result, we are now ready to commence the next phase with all Full Node Validators. This document serves as a guide for Full Node Validators to complete the KYC verification process. Please read the instructions carefully and follow each step to ensure a smooth and efficient process. KYC NFTs will be minted in batches by Assure DeFi and will be distributed at a later date.

Important Notes Before Beginning:

  • Only $289 usd in USDC on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) accepted.
  • Have some BNB (BEP20) for gas fees.
  • Mobile wallets or browser extension accepted.
  • Always make sure you are operating in BSC network.
  • If using a cold wallet, make sure it is fully charged.
  • Have ID documents ready (driver license, passport, etc).
  • Double check all information.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click Assure DeFi Vulcan specific link:
  2. Upon registration, users will be asked to confirm their status as a Full Node Validator and verify they have the necessary funds and documentation.
  3. Following confirmation, users will be prompted to connect their wallet and select the appropriate payment wallet on Binance Smart Chain, followed by ALL Node NFT wallets. Once they have added the Node NFTs, they can sign the contract and proceed with payment.
  4. Checkout will include 3 interactions with your wallet:
    a) Link email: assign your email address to your payment wallet, use the same email that you used to log into Assure’s website.
    b) Set allowance: Approving the withdrawal of $289 usd in USDC (if asked by your wallet, make sure to say ‘default’ or put ‘290’ as the allowance amount to make sure it goes through, do not say ‘max’ as that could lead to you allowing too much), this will cost a little BNB for gas.
    c) Subscribe: this is just a simple no-gas signature to approve that you are happy with everything to go ahead.
  5. Users may choose to add a username to their NFT for personalization.
  6. Check and approve your NFT metadata, or make changes until you are happy. These cannot change so make sure this is correct as this is what your NFT’s metadata will be minted with.
  7. After you click ‘Go to Verification’, users will be required to complete the verification process, which involves accepting terms and conditions and verifying their identity.
  8. Assure DeFi will conduct a thorough review to ensure compliance with requirements.
  9. Should you experience any difficulties, please contact the Assure DeFi team via message board in the bottom right hand corner.
  10. Users will receive an email confirming their payment.
  11. Approval can take up to 7 days with the KYC NFT airdropped at a later date.

To obtain additional documentation and community support for completing KYC verification, we invite you to join the Node Holder chat on the Vulcan Blockchain Discord. To gain access, please verify your wallet. Our knowledgeable Node Gods will be available to assist you every step of the way. *Please keep in mind that our team members will never contact you first or request your seed phrase.

Official Discord Link: