Road to Mainnet — Testnet Upgrades

Get ready to hit the reset button! Exciting times are ahead as we blaze our path towards Mainnet. The blockchain will need to be reset as we progress through different phases of Testnet, giving us a chance to build and explore new possibilities.

Why Does The Blockchain Need To Be Reset?

  1. Bug fixes: During the testing phase, developers may discover bugs or issues with the blockchain’s code. In some cases, these bugs may require a reset of the Testnet in order to implement the necessary fixes.
  2. Testing new features: If new features are being added to the blockchain, a reset may be necessary to fully test and debug them.
  3. Testing network upgrades: If network upgrades are planned for the blockchain, a reset may be necessary to test and validate these upgrades before implementing them on the Mainnet.
  4. Performance testing: In some cases, a reset may be necessary to conduct performance testing on the blockchain, to ensure that it can handle the expected traffic and transaction volume.

Throughout the Testnet phase, we encourage our community to engage in rigorous testing of the blockchain. Increased transaction activity and community participation during Testnet will result in a higher-quality product being delivered for Mainnet. If any bugs are identified during this testing process, we urge you to share them with our team as soon as possible. To report any bugs, please click on the provided link to access our bug report form:

Click Here For Bug report Form

What Happens During A Blockchain Reset?

A blockchain reset on a Testnet version is the process of wiping out all the previous data and transactions on the blockchain, and starting fresh with a new genesis block. This means that all of the previous data on the Testnet is lost, and any transactions or balances that were on the Testnet are no longer valid. Once the reset is complete, a new genesis block is created, and new blocks and transactions can be added to the blockchain.

Because Testnets are designed for testing purposes only, resetting the blockchain is a common occurrence, and typically does not have any significant impact on the wider blockchain ecosystem. However, it is important to note that any applications or services that were relying on the previous version of the Vulcan Testnet may need to be updated to reflect the changes in the new version.

As part of the reset the following will happen:

  • The faucet balance will be reset.
  • All previous Testnet $VUL will disappear from your wallet.
  • All smart contracts will need to be redeployed on the updated version.
  • The RPC address will be updated — this will be provided at the time of deployment. You will need to manually update your wallet with the new RPC.

When Will The Blockchain Be Reset?

We are dedicated to ensuring that all members of our community are kept in the loop regarding the development of our new blockchain. We believe that by sharing our progress milestones and upcoming events, we can keep everyone informed and engaged. All Testnet Blockchain resets will be communicated in advance to give ample time for planning and preparedness.