KYC For Node Validators

We will be implementing a mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure for all Full Node Validators. Lite-Node validators will NOT be required to complete KYC, although it is highly recommended.

Implementing a KYC process for node validators on the Vulcan network is a crucial step to verify identities, ensuring network security and stability for all participants. This verification procedure is a key part of our commitment to provide a secure environment for the network. This will be a business cost incurred by Node Validators. We will provide information regarding the process and the specific third-party KYC provider services to be utilized in the immediate future.

Who has access to my information?

It is important to be aware that the KYC process is being carried out by a third-party KYC provider, and all related data will be securely retained by them.

Full Node Validators

Beta Testnet requires a maximum of only 25 Full Node Validators. Given the new FireStorm mechanism we have added into our protocol, additional testing in the phase is required. During Testnet, Node Validators are not earning or rebasing $VUL that can be transferred to Mainnet, but participation from a small batch of Full Node Validators is required on a voluntary basis. At the time of Beta launch, if you are not selected to onboard to Testnet we recommend temporarily shutting down your server and terminating the instance. This will reduce the operating costs you incur until you are onboarded to Mainnet.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our Discord Node Gods for your continued tireless efforts in training our Full Node Validators in using virtual machines. Your expertise has moreover ensured that our community and Node Validators are educated on the process and prepared for the launch of Mainnet.

Lite Node Validators

As a Lite Node Validator, it is essential to understand that the successful deployment of the Lite Node protocol is contingent upon the online presence of ALL Full Node Validators. Their participation and cooperation in the network ensures its stability and functionality, which directly impacts the performance and success of the Lite Node protocol. The consensus mechanism will be complete once all Nodes are online.

As we move through each new development and deployment of further versions of Testnet, we will be updating the tech specifications and parameters as required. At this time no action is required from Lite Node Validators. Please stay tuned for further updates and details. Thank you for your continued support.