To the whole Vulcan Community,

I would like to share a necessary Vulcan Blockchain progress update.

Software development take time and presents challenges both in the digital realm in the same way it does in the real world when dealing with technology. It is a constant pursuit of absolute refinement for which our team of experienced developers continue to push completion boundaries in order to fulfil our promises and obligations.

Vulcan is opening up an entirely new category within cryptocurrency and creating something entirely unique, 1 of a kind that the world has never seen before. I believe with every fiber of my being that the concept of Auto-Staking, Auto-Rebasing and Auto-Compounding will act as the catalyst to usher in the new wave within DeFi allowing for generational wealth to be created by unlocking the door to true passive income.

The FireStorm mechanism is a primary core element that supports Vulcan Tokenomics to enhance efficiency aswell as maintain a long-term deflationary structure. Being that it is an integral component to making everything work in sync, it is important to us as a team and to all native VUL coin holders that harnessing its positive attributes and capabilities is not left out of focus.

Supporting Firestorm on Vulcan has presented some minor challenges and in return negligible setbacks as our blockchain developers work tirelessly to solve. As soon as it is fully operational without internal flaws, our next stage will be to progress to the official release of Gamma Testnet which is not far away. At this point we will begin the relaunch of Hyperverse by Decentology coupled with deployment of marketing capital to boost awareness and acquisition of developer interest onto our chain.

We continue to strive forward by ticking off milestones in our capacity to deliver a fully operation Layer 1 Blockchain with a targeted launch in Q2, 2023.

We will keep bringing you regular progress updates and remain hopeful that a tentative date of between May 30th — June 7th for Mainnet can be achieved.

Thank you for your unwavering support,

Bryan Legend