Vulcan Tools

Vulcan Tools is a suite of comprehensive ecosystem tools designed to help community members interact with the Vulcan Blockchain. Our suite includes Vulcan Trace, OOXY Swap, Vulcan Bridge and Vulcan Flex. These tools provide an all-in-one solution for community members to fully engage with Vulcan, making it easy to participate in the ecosystem and access its many benefits.

Vulcan Bridge

Vulcan Bridge is the first bridge of the ecosystem that gives our community direct access to the Binance Smart Chain. This connection allows for seamless transfer of assets, fostering interoperability and collaboration between the two blockchain networks.

Ooxy Swap

OOXY Swap is the native decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Vulcan Blockchain. OOXY Swap is a powerful tool that allows for the seamless trading of paired tokens on the Vulcan network. Paired with $OOXY, the native token of the exchange, the DEX will provide users access to all of our products in one place, making it easier for them to explore and utilize the full range of our offerings.

Vulcan Trace

Vulcan Trace is the official blockchain explorer for the Vulcan Blockchain. With Vulcan Trace, users can explore the entire blockchain in real-time, allowing them to view, track, and verify transactions on the network.

Vulcan Flex

Vulcan Flex is how you are able to claim your Flex Rewards each day. Vulcan Blockchain works on a FixedFlex model with the ‘Fixed’ component being 44% APR. 20% of all $VUL transaction fees will be pooled for the ‘Flex’ Reward Program. In order to be eligible to receive these bonus rewards, you must head to the Vulcan Flex dApp to claim your rewards each day.