Vulcan Blockchain

What is the native coin of the blockchain?

The ticker of the native Vulcan coin is $VUL

Is Vulcan Blockchain decentralized?

Yes, 500 Full Nodes and 1500 Lite Nodes secure the blockchain.

What consensus mechanism does Vulcan Blockchain use?

The Vulcan consensus mechanism uses Proof of Authority (PoA)

Does Vulcan Blockchain have smart contract functionality?

Yes, as Vulcan Blockchain is EVM compatible, smart contracts work in the same way as on Ethereum.

When will the Vulcan Blockchain Mainnet go live?

Mainnet is targeted to go live Q2, 2023

VUL Token

Where can I get $VUL?

See CoinMarketCap for more information.

What wallet can I store my $VUL in?

Go to the $VUL Coin page and see under ‘How to Store’.

How do I import Vulcan Network to my MetaMask?

Go to the $VUL Coin page and see under ‘How to Store’.

Is $VUL an ERC-20 token?

The standard is the same but Vulcan Blockchain uses VUL-20.

What’s the purpose of the $VUL token?

$VUL is the native coin of the Vulcan Blockchain and it is used to power the network. All gas fees are paid in $VUL.

Can I stake $VUL?

$VUL is Auto-Staking so the only requirement is to continue to hold in your wallet and you will receive rewards automatically.

Is there any way of checking how many $VUL coins you will get at main launch?

You can view your rebasing at app.vulcanblockchain.com checker for now. $VUL Total pending blockchain reconciliation

What will be the starting supply, market cap and Fire Pit of $VUL at Mainnet?

See the Vulcan Litepaper for more details.

When will I see $VUL in my wallet?

$VUL will be credited to your wallet when the Mainnet goes live.

Will the $VUL coins be deposited into the same wallet that I used to sacrifice.


Vulcan Tools & dApps

Where can I find a list of ecosystem tools for the Vulcan blockchain?

See the ‘tools’ page under the Learn heading for more information.

How do I integrate my dApp into the blockchain

See our Developer section of the website for more information. If your project is EVM compatible you can simply port over to our blockchain to enable cross chain functionality.


How to run a validator on Vulcan?

See the Nodes page for more information.