Today marks a major milestone for the Vulcan ecosystem! Today we launch Vulcan Testnet Beta.

Building a blockchain is no easy feat. It requires a lot of effort, time, and iterations to iron out bugs and ensure everything works as intended. The process is no different with Vulcan, a blockchain project that has undergone significant changes since its Alpha Testnet.

The Vulcan team has been hard at work since, to build a stable and efficient blockchain. One of the most significant changes made was the rebranding of the project from its old name to Vulcan. This rebranding meant an entire rewrite of the code, which was a large task for the team.

Beta Testnet

The Beta phase of the project marks a critical milestone for the team. It is an opportunity to test the changes made and to ensure that everything is working as intended. The Vulcan team understands the importance of taking a methodical approach to development, and thus, they will not include rebasing/FirePit code in the Beta phase. This decision allows them to test the system’s stability before implementing more complex features.

Furthermore, the Beta phase will take place internally, allowing for easier protocol-level code changes with only a few nodes able to validate. The Vulcan team believes that this approach will enable them to make more significant changes without disrupting the system’s stability in a timely manner.

In addition to the developments mentioned above, the Vulcan team is also testing an early version of VulcanTrace as its block explorer in the Beta phase. A block explorer is a crucial component of any blockchain as it allows users to view the blockchain’s transactions, addresses, and other relevant data.

Click here to access VulcanTrace.

VulcanTrace is the custom block explorer that the team has developed to meet their specific needs. The block explorer is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate through Vulcan Blockchain’s data.

The Vulcan team has learned many lessons during the development process, and they are continually improving the project. The Beta phase is a critical step in ensuring that Vulcan is a reliable and efficient blockchain. The team’s dedication and hard work are evident in the progress made so far, and we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the future.

How to add Vulcan Testnet to Metamask?

Vulcan RPC (Testnet)

Network Name: Vulcan Testnet
Chain ID: 14333
Currency Symbol: VUL
Block Explorer:

The above RPC details will work with any EVM compatible wallet

You can also click the “Add VULCAN” link which is located in the VulcanTrace website footer to automatically add the Vulcan Testnet network to your Metamask.