Ethereum Extravaganza — Last Chance To Secure $VUL Before Mainnet!

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Vulcan Blockchain, the world’s first auto rebasing layer one blockchain.

Ethereum Extravaganza — Your Final Opportunity To Secure $VUL Before The Launch Of Mainnet

During this event, you will have the opportunity to sacrifice $ETH to secure the native coin of Vulcan Blockchain, $VUL, before the launch of our Mainnet. This is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be a part of the future of blockchain technology.

The Ethereum Extravanganza is here!

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive bonus $VUL coins when you sacrifice your Ethereum (ETH) for $VUL. From January 9th until February 20th, you can join the Ethereum Extravaganza and get more value for your ETH.

How To Participate:

  1. Sacrifice your ETH during the promotion period
  2. Unlock tiers to increase the rewards for all participants
  3. The more you sacrifice, the more rewards you’ll earn
  4. At the end of the promotion, all participants will receive rewards based on the highest tier reached

Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to join the Ethereum Extravaganza and earn bonus $VUL coins. The Promotion will start at 06:45:00 January 9th UTC and finish 23:59:59 February 20th UTC.

From the moment of sacrifice, you’ll be earning rebases on your $VUL every 15 minutes!

Track Your Rebases Here >>

Bonus Tier Structure: (Total Accumulation of Sacrifices)
5 ETH = 2% bonus
25 ETH = 3% bonus
50 ETH = 4% bonus
100 ETH = 5% bonus
200 ETH = 10% bonus
400 ETH = 15% bonus
600 ETH = 20% bonus
800 ETH = 25% bonus
1000 ETH and above = full unlock and 50% bonus for all

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the $VUL community. This is a limited-time offer, so act quickly to take advantage of this chance to be apart of the future of cryptocurrency!

Please note:
The Ethereum Extravaganza will go live at 06:45:00 on January 9th UTC.

2) The Ethereum Extravaganza Sacrifice Smart Contract will be DISABLED at 23:59:59 February 20th UTC.

3) ETH is the only permitted currencies.

4) Anyone sacrificing prior to Jan 20th will still be entitled to the rebase rate of 191,888% APY which will cease on January 20th. From January 21st any Ethereum sacrificed will still be eligible for the standard $VUL rate + tiered unlock bonus.