Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing

Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing (BARS) is a new, radical and unique way for holders of $VUL coin to directly benefit from Vulcan’s expanding ecosystem compared to traditional blockchain platforms that only pay rewards from transaction fees or staking.

BARS is designed for users to earn shared revenue distributed as rewards from multiple income streams throughout the global Vulcan Network and is made up of the following ways:


Vulcan’s Auto-Staking technology enables yield stake returns to be automatically dispersed to $VUL coin holders every 15 minute epoch by utilizing rebasing technology without the need for holders to give up control of their funds, nor having to lock their funds for any amount of time, or any need to secure custody with a 3rd party.

Simply by holding $VUL in any hot or cold wallet address, automatically entitles the user to yield stakes in an open and trustful way, granting the user complete freedom to do as they wish with their own funds at any time.


Vulcan’s Auto-Rebasing mechanism is the primary key feature of BARS technology and is the first to develop and adopt Auto-Rebasing within the core Blockchain Protocol.

Rebasing allows Vulcan to automatically generate an increased amount of new $VUL coin supply to periodically enter the market. Each epoch (15 minutes) new coins are minted which are added to total supply and paid out as interest rewards to every $VUL holder, providing every $VUL holder a passive income stream for holding $VUL coins.


Vulcan provides sustainable fixed Auto-Compounding as part of the core protocol which grants each $VUL holder with compounded interest gains just by holding $VUL in any on-chain wallet. Compounding happens automatically every 15 minute epoch together with receiving rebases.


$VUL holders can earn passive income on their holdings with unlimited earning potential through FixedFlex which is comprised of 2 components within it:

(1) Fixed – Means the permanent, consistent and unmodifiable fixed 44% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) per year which is distributed directly as rebases. Every $VUL holder receives this just by holding $VUL coins in their wallet through Auto-Staking. This amount is distributed to all eligible wallets automatically without the need to lock up your coins at all.

(2) Flex – Pertains to 1% of fees from all $VUL transactions conducted on the Vulcan Network which are accumulated throughout a 24 hour period. This fee revenue is collected and then made available for all users which hold a minimum of 1 $VUL in their wallet to claim. The amount of rewards that a holder is eligible to receive is based on their $VUL % holding This revenue sharing system provides a compelling incentive for users to hold $VUL. It provides them with a means of earning passive income from their investments in Vulcan’s ecosystem. The more $VUL a user holds, the greater their share of revenue rewards, which creates an environment where users are encouraged to hold onto their investments long-term.


Vulcan offers the PowerPool which is a 30 day cumulative total of unclaimed daily Flex rewards. This ensures that rewards are not lost and can be claimed at a later date, encouraging continued participation in the ecosystem.

To be eligible for the PowerPool a holder must claim their Flex reward each day. Missing 1 day out of 30 automatically voids eligibility to claim the PowerPool. This encourages on-chain transactional volume and incentivizes users to utilize the Vulcan Blockchain each and every day aswell as offering greater validator rewards to Node holders.

The amount of rewards that a holder can claim from the PowerPool is based on their $VUL % holding, just like FixedFlex. This means that the more $VUL a holder has, the more they can earn from the PowerPool. This further incentivizes larger $VUL holders to remain invested in the ecosystem, creating a stronger community.


Vulcan Blockchain’s introduction of BARS technology is an exciting development in the blockchain space. It provides a unique and innovative revenue-sharing mechanism that offers users a way to earn rewards from multiple income streams within the platform. This system creates a symbiotic relationship between Vulcan Blockchain and its users, as it incentivizes users to hold $VUL while simultaneously growing the ecosystem.