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Epochs Occur

Every 15 Mins


Flex Pool Claim

Every 24 Hrs


Cumulative Rewards

Every 30 Days


Vaporization Epoch

Every 90 Days

Full Nodes
Lite Nodes
15 Min
Rebasing Epochs
24 Hour
Flex Rewards
90 Day
Firestorm Epoch
30 Day
PowerPool Event
Starting FirePit

What is BARS Technology?


Sharing Passive Income

Rewarding holders of VUL coin with passive income

Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing (BARS) is a new, radical and unique way for holders of VUL coin to directly benefit from Vulcan’s expanding ecosystem compared to traditional blockchain platforms that only pay rewards from transaction fees or staking.

BARS is designed for users to earn shared revenue distributed as rewards from multiple income streams throughout the global Vulcan Network.

Features & Benefits


$VUL will rebase at a rate of 44% APR every 15 minute epoch.


No need to ever give up control of your $VUL or lock in for any period.


The compounded rebase rate equals out to 55% APY.

Flex Reward

20% of all $VUL transaction fees will be pooled for the Flex Reward Program.

EVM Compatible

Vulcan Blockchain is EVM compatible, allowing for seamless integration of smart contracts and decentralized applications.


With 500 Full Nodes and 1500 Light Nodes, Vulcan Blockchain is a truly decentralized network.

FirePit Burn

60% of all $VUL coin transaction fees are sent to the FirePit.


Every 90 days Vulcan Blockchain will implement EIP-1559, vaporizing coins within the FirePit down to 51%.

Highly Scalable

Projects can easily port over to Vulcan from other blockchains including: Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon.

Verified Audits

Vulcan will have verified audits to provide users with a high level of transparency and confidence in the integrity of the system.


Proof of Authority consensus mechanism is an ecological alternative to Proof of Work.

Fast Transfers

Fast transaction processing allows users to quickly and efficiently complete transactions.

Build on Vulcan

Development Hub

Dream, Develop, Scale!

The Vulcan Blockchain development hub provides an easy-to-use platform for developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) using familiar tools and languages. By being Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, developers can use the Solidity programming language and popular tools such as Remix, Truffle, and MetaMask to build dApps on our network with ease.

This compatibility allows for a seamless transition for developers, as they can use the same tools and processes they are already familiar with to build on Vulcan. The result is a fast, streamlined development process that allows developers to focus on building high-quality, innovative dApps.

Vulcan Tools


The native decentralized exchange of the Vulcan blockchain. Powered by $OOXY.

Vulcan Trace

A tool to visualize and explore blockchain transactions, blocks and network metrics

Vulcan Bridge

The native bridge of Vulcan will allow our community to transfer from BSC to Vulcan.

Flex Claim

Vulcan Flex is how you are able to claim your Flex Rewards each day.


Quarterly Vulcan Blockchain will implement EIP-1559, vaporising FirePit coins down to 51%.


60% of $VUL transaction fees are sent to the FirePit, a NULL Address.

Vulcan News

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